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Sangre de Cristo Electric Association, Inc.

As a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative, we provide electric service to 12,000 meters in the beautiful Upper Arkansas and Wet Mountain Valleys in central Colorado. In addition to providing electric power to our members, we offer a variety of services, from rebates for installing energy efficient space and water heating equipment to informational presentations. 

Payment Scams

Sangre de Cristo Electric Consumers Are Targeted

Some of our consumers recently reported aggressive collection calls demanding immediate credit card payment to avoid loss of service. The callers are not affiliated with Sangre de Cristo Electric and are attempting to talk victims out of their credit card information. Consumer protection agencies warn that such scams are on the increase due to the condition of the economy, and they caution that the scammers often target the elderly. 

Do not give account or credit card information to anyone over the phone if you didn't initiate the call. If you suspect you're being scammed, try to get the name of the person who called and hang up. You can then call Sangre de Cristo Electric at either (719) 395-2412 or (800) 933-3823 and ask for that person to see if the call was legitimate. It may take a little bit of time and be a slight inconvenience, but it is your money and your identity you are protecting.


News & Upcoming Events

Dependents of Sangre de Cristo Electric Association customers recently competed for scholarships provided by the rural electric cooperative and in conjunction with power suppliers Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Twenty-eight applications were considered for one four-year scholarship at $1,500 per year and eleven $1,500 scholarships. In addition, one $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Basin Electric and two $1,000 scholarships sponsored jointly by Tri-State and Sangre de Cristo were awarded.

At the 77th Annual Meeting on June 8, 2017, members of the Cooperative will vote on the following director seats:

Rural Chaffee/Lake County      Suzanne Kelly, incumbent
Town of Buena Vista                Dennis Dlugokinski, incumbent
At Large                                    Joseph Redetzke, incumbent

All three incumbents are seeking re-election.

To view the Guidelines, Qualifications, and Responsibilities document for Director Nominations, please go the the Election Procedures section of the members only website.

If you are interested in running for a director seat, contact CEO Paul A. Erickson at (719) 395-2412 or (800) 933-3823, for a nomination petition.

Nomination petitions must be submitted before 5 p.m. on Friday, April 21.

Cotopaxi High School student Kyla Baisden and Buena Vista High School student Lynzi Doke will represent Sangre de

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